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Flagstaff Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Assist Businesses

Arizona firm safeguards property investments for small and large companies

No matter the industry, handling commercial real estate issues correctly is usually integral to the success of a business. Whether you’re developing a residential community, leasing a storefront, operating a factory or renting office space, the Arizona lawyers at Mangum, Wall, Stoops & Warden, P.L.L.C. can help you protect your interests. Our accomplished Flagstaff commercial real estate attorneys assist clients of all sizes with transactions, property disputes, financing arrangements, landlord tenant matters and land use concerns. Whatever your particular situation entails, our firm will serve as a valuable partner.

Attorneys provide guidance on commercial real estate transactions

Our Flagstaff real estate attorneys represent clients in a full range of Arizona commercial property transactions, including deals involving:

  • Stores and other retail locations
  • Industrial sites such as factories
  • Residential developments, including condominiums and communities governed by homeowners’ associations
  • Office and apartment buildings
  • Municipal construction, such as government buildings and schools
  • Hospitality industry sites, including hotels and restaurants

From initial negotiations through the closing of your commercial property transaction, we will give you detailed legal and practical guidance on property valuation, sales contract negotiation, land use concerns, tax issues, financing and other factors affecting your real estate investment.

Commercial landlord tenant law

Many businesses rely on finding the right location and negotiating a favorable lease agreement. Our firm represents landlords and tenants during these discussions and in situations where a disagreement arises over rent, property conditions, use of the space or an attempted eviction. Whatever type of legal support you require, we take direct steps to resolve the situation promptly and favorably.

Legal counselors work to resolve commercial property disputes

Whether you own a commercial property or are renting one, a real estate dispute could threaten your investment and drive your business to a halt. Our attorneys are skillful advocates who pursue prompt, successful resolutions to landlord tenant disputes, financing issues, boundary conflicts and issues relating to easements. We are also well versed in the nexus between government and commercial property rights. If you require assistance with a property tax appeal or environmental concern, our attorneys offer knowledgeable legal and practical guidance. Businesses, developers and other commercial property owners also rely on us for effective advocacy during municipal property disputes, zoning issues and other complex concerns associated to their commercial site.

Proven advocates take on litigation of commercial real estate disputes

Conflicts related to commercial properties can get messy and expensive quickly. Whether you’re a property owner, renter, contractor or someone else involved in a real estate dispute, it is critical to have a seasoned advocate protecting your interests. Our Arizona litigators handle simple and complex litigation matters associated with commercial real estate parcels. When appropriate, we seek to settle matters outside of court to conserve our clients’ resources, but are determined advocates in court when the need arises. You can also turn to us for sound counsel on internal disputes over real estate, such as disagreements between partners or shareholders relating to a particular commercial property.

Contact a Flagstaff commercial real estate lawyer for insight on your situation

Mangum, Wall, Stoops & Warden, P.L.L.C. in Flagstaff assists Arizona businesses with commercial real estate negotiations, transactions and disputes. Please call 928-779-6951 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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