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Experienced Flagstaff Real Estate Lawyers Protect Clients’ Interests

Arizona firm handles a full range of property matters

The Flagstaff real estate lawyers at Mangum, Wall, Stoops & Warden, P.L.L.C. have been representing Arizona clients in real estate transactions for more than five decades, giving us unique understanding and insight into the mechanics and significance of property matters. Real estate concerns can be particularly complex. However, the advice and assistance of an experienced attorney with knowledge of the local real estate market can greatly streamline transactions, generate profits and minimize potential liabilities.

Attorneys work on the purchase and sale of residential real estate in Flagstaff

Buying or selling a home is an important event in the life of an individual or family. Overlooking a small detail could have a negative effect for years to come, so retaining qualified counsel is critical. Our firm drafts, reviews and negotiates agreements for Arizona clients looking to buy, sell, lease or license residential properties. We take care to ensure key matters are under control and deliver personalized guidance from the beginning stages to the closing process. You can rely on us for knowledgeable counsel on a full range of concerns, including:

  • Mortgages and other financing arrangements
  • Title insurance and defects
  • Boundary and easement issues
  • Obligations associated with homeowners’ and condominium associations
  • Enforcement of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Tax-free exchanges under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Property tax issues
  • Vacation and investment properties
  • Loan workouts
  • Condominium, horizontal property regime and planned unit development documentation
  • Tax lien foreclosures
  • Registrar of Contractors complaints

Each real estate parcel is unique, and no matter how straightforward a transaction might seem, there’s always the chance that an unexpected complication will spoil your deal. You deserve to have a skillful attorney by your side who will provide personalized advice and advocacy at every stage of your home purchase or sale.

Lawyers deliver comprehensive commercial real estate services

You might be looking for a location as part of the business formation process or seeking a way to expand your operation. No matter what type of commercial real estate challenge you face, our experienced Arizona lawyers can help you achieve your objectives without causing undue disruption to your business. Whether you’re intending to buy, sell, rent or develop, you’ll benefit from our attorneys’ keen insight on land use matters, the negotiation of appropriate lease agreements, managing environmental requirements and other concerns related to commercial properties.

Skillful advocates represent parties in real estate litigation

When construction problems, boundary disputes between neighbors, disagreements over property use and other conflicts demand legal action, our firm represents Arizona clients in trials and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Drawing on a knowledge of the relevant laws and area courts, our litigators craft a sound strategy designed to maximize the likelihood of a successful result.

Flagstaff landlord tenant lawyers assist with all types of lease issues

Friction between landlords and tenants can be distracting and costly to everyone involved. When representing a client during the negotiation of a lease agreement, we look to address any reasonable contingencies and draft clear language so that each side understands their obligations. As soon as a potential problem occurs, our attorneys work to achieve consensus – if possible – on conflicts over rent, property conditions, unpermitted use and other concerns. When a suitable agreement cannot be reached, we are always prepared to enforce our clients’ rights in court.

Accomplished firm advises on real estate contracts, drafting and disputes

Each facet of the contract negotiation process should be treated with exceptional care. Having represented parties in residential and commercial property transactions for decades, we draft clear language, conduct thorough reviews and identify potential problems while an agreement is being worked out. Still, problems can arise after a sales contract, lease or real estate partnership agreement is completed. In situations where one party alleges that another party has failed to honor a contract, we review the relevant language exhaustively and work to safeguard our client’s rights under the agreement.

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Mangum, Wall, Stoops & Warden, P.L.L.C. advises Arizona clients on a full range of concerns relating to real estate law. To schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney, please call 928-779-6951 or contact us online. Our office is in Flagstaff.

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