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Intellectual Property

Experienced Flagstaff Intellectual Property Attorney

Intellectual property lawyers in Arizona

Mangum Wall Stoops & Warden, PLLC is Northern Arizona’s go-to intellectual property practice. Our goal is to be proactive and cost-effective, addressing issues early and saving money in the long run by avoiding litigation. Our IP counsel works with the Flagstaff community, mentoring startup businesses for the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET) and managing IP for local businesses and content creators.

Trademarks and Copyright Protection

A first step for a new business is registering a trademark for its name—that ensures the name remains a unique identifier for your endeavor. We can help you pick a name that is strong and unique. Then we can complete the registration and manage the examination process at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

If you create a new work, it’s already covered by copyright. But registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office ensures you can enforce your rights against an infringer and, if successful, even recover your attorneys’ fees. We can guide you through the process and maintain protection by managing your copyright registrations.

We offer flat-fee options for trademark applications. Registering a trademark in your business name gives nationwide protection to ensure your name remains a unique identifier of your brand. We can help you pick a name that is strong and unique. Then we can complete the registration and manage the examination process.

Licensing / Publishing

After registering your IP, you have the opportunity to monetize it through licensing. We have substantial experience drafting and negotiating license agreements to ensure clients are fairly compensated and legally protected when allowing others to use their marks.

Whether you are an author seeking to publish your work or a publisher negotiating with artists or authors, we have handled negotiations and agreement drafting from either side. We have also represented reality TV participants in negotiating production agreements with producers.

We have experience drafting and negotiating software and IP licensing agreements to ensure clients are fairly treated and legally protected. Whether you are a developer or author seeking to distribute your work or a publisher negotiating with content creators, we have a history of handling negotiations and agreement drafting from either side.

Internet & Domain Names

Need a TOS, TAC, or a EULA? Our counsel drafts these and more, such as website development agreements, privacy policies, terms of use, and click-wrap agreements. We can also help with domain name selection or dispute resolution, and we have years of experience assisting companies and individuals with issuing and responding to Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices.

Trade Secrets Protection

Breweries have recipes, software developers have code, and companies have customer lists. All can be protectable trade secrets and valuable IP that must be kept from competitors. We can work with you to establish the necessary security practices to protect trade secrets by drafting employee handbooks and confidentiality agreements and coming to your business to train employees.

When pitching an idea to a potential investor or purchaser, a business must be careful to have the right nondisclosure agreements in place. We can help you in drafting those agreements, and in enforcing them if they’re breached.

Intellectual Property Enforcement and Litigation

If you are an IP owner and your property is being infringed, or you have been charged with infringement, we will protect your interests. Our experienced litigation counsel has successfully handled copyright, patent, trademark, trade secrets, and right of publicity cases for several national law firms. Through anti-piracy efforts, strong cease-and-desist letters, and mediation or litigation, we seek the most effective and efficient option to resolve disputes quickly.

From healthcare software to email systems to underground utility boxes, our IP counsel has experience in patent litigation involving a variety of technologies. Whether your company is being threatened with infringement or is having its technology infringed by a competitor, we know how to approach the situation in a smart, cost-effective manner. We are also experienced in serving as local counsel on patent cases, assisting with briefs, filings, and hearings as needed.


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